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    Some memorable pages from the first century of the powered flight:

    1. Turkish Glider THK-3 (1945)
    2. Gloster Meteor from Manufacturer's Brochure of 1949
    3. North American F-86 Sabre, Brochure of 1965
    4. Tupolev 154B from Aeroflot Brochure of 1970s
    5. The Last Crusader Fighter Report of 1974
    6. A-7D from Vought Corporation Brochure of 1974
    7. Northrop YF-17 Cobra Air Combat Fighter Flight Tests, 1974
    8. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in 1975
    9. Aeritalia G91Y in 1975
    10. B-1 Strategic Bomber from USAF Fact Sheet of 1976

    and more...


    Current lists of the small aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, propeller manufacturers and links to their websites.

    Airworthiness Standards for Normal, Utility, Aerobatic, and Commuter Category Airplanes (Aeroplanes)

    • European Standard - CS-23 (may be obtained from EASA website)
    • American Standard - FAR 23 (may be obtained from FAA or US Government website)

    Abstracts, Articles and Books related with the small aircraft design.

    Small Aircraft Design Bibliography (SADB)
    Small Aircraft Database and more...

    ANSA provides its services to Air Traffic Control (ATC) authorities, airspace users, the ATC industry, airports, aviation research & development organizations and financing institutions. ANSA invites companies, administrations and organizations to contact them on required consultancy and assistance in the training of personnel, evaluation of new operations procedures, evaluation of present systems, the set-up of safety related reporting and evaluation programs, ATC financial and organization studies, conceptual design, planning and specification, determination of system shortcomings, operational requirements, the production of operations manuals and the set-up of project control and coordination procedures. ANSA Website